Chen Yun:Entering the Dissipating Fog of Fragments Light

3 November - 2 December 2023 YIRI ARTS

Text/ Chen Yun

Facing reality, we unconsciously assemble its other metaphors. The unexplored aspects of things are the intangible emotions and imaginations. From the moment they connect with the sea of memories, they break free from the constraints of the present reality and space-time. These summoned fragments lurk beneath consciousness like hidden currents, ready to reshape our sensory perceptions of reality at any time. They enrich our experience of things, and free consciousness extends endlessly in a boundless world.

In the faint dawn light, we await a brighter future.
In the changing faces of friends, the sediment of past times remains.
In buried memories, we plant the most radiant flowers.

Centered on memory and sensation, this art draws from the imagery of daily life, blending nature and reality, memory and dreams, emotions and perception, like a mist enveloping us. In daily life, we observe the various phenomena of this world and 'depict' those stirring moments. The perceived images are integrated into various colors, linking well-organized color palettes with visual imagery and olfactory memories. Color psychology theory suggests that different colors profoundly influence emotions, moods, cognition, and behavior. By 'translating' current sensory perceptions into concrete works using various acrylic paint techniques, we interpret subtle emotional memories. When pigments become extensions of sensation, the canvas becomes the medium, with smudged pigments, flowing gloss, layered stacks, and three-dimensional textures, giving inanimate pigments profound concrete significance in our lives.

Using painting tools to express subtle distinctions and the changing imaginative space, this process evokes the three variations of scent: independent colors/scents, combined with visual structure/scent compositions, which can integrate completely different sensory perceptions. Therefore, in this exhibition, four works will be presented in the form of combined visual and olfactory art. This is an attempt to explore sensory awareness in greater depth with both referencing each other. In this exhibition, the works are presented in a group format, and there is a certain understanding between the canvases, much like the relationship between perception and memory. They reference each other but remain independent. There is no fixed order of reading, and the trajectory of vision projects a close connection between personal consciousness and the viewer's own consciousness beyond the limitations of time and space.

As the fog that overlaid memory and reality gradually disperses, the deep emotions instead clarify the outlines of things. Bathed in the dispersed light, the tranquil heart is like a mountain range standing quietly amidst the ever-changing emotional mist. Thoughts hide during the mountain fog and rain, and when the rain clears, they can shine brightly in response to reality under the sunlight.