Miju Lee:Soft Strong

3 November - 2 December 2023 BACK_Y

Text/ Miju Lee

Life is a glass bottle, and you need a goal like a big pebble and small pebbles to fill and support it as much as you grow. My work is a record of such things.


A normal good day, we who strive to become a better me than yesterday seem to be quiet, but we are like fighters throwing a nimble jab in the dense air. I capture the images of ordinary warriors, you and I, who endure gravity, endure various temptations, and silently keep their positions. It's not a strong and erupting energy, but I didn't want to use the word weak, so I wrote soft power.


individual and Solidarities

Alone is fine, but when two or more people form a solidarity, great morphological and mental changes occur. On the surface, in my work, it seems to focus on the change of the material form, but within it, I find a point like alchemy where one transforms into something else.


Small and Precious Things

What is your favorite moment from several interviews? I've been asked a question. When I thought about it, it reminded me of walking home along the beach on a summer night and petting a dog.

It is important to leave a splendid footprint in life, but in the end, I find that I get strength from these small daily lives.


Yetis Series

Being introverted today seems to be something of a drawback and everyone is under pressure to be stronger, more outgoing, and more enterprising in order to be successful and better off. There are many types of warriors in the world. There are warriors who raise their weapons and make loud noises to subdue opponents, and there are those who do not receive the protagonist's spotlight, but stand there quietly and maintain themselves. Yeti is my persona that shows the extremely introverted side, but also contains strength.