Xevi Solà Serra 塞維.索拉

Within Spanish artist Xevi Sola’s works, there is a pervading sense of unseen violence. The lady next door, an old couple living on a farm, a police officer, a strongman… an unnerving atmosphere connects them together. The supposed safety of the home is subverted to become a hotbed of criminality, as each work resembles a movie pictorial highlighting a key scene, filled with a subtle yet permeating imminent tension. Like Hitchcock, Xevi creates horror films using soft and bright tones, utilizing unsettling elements to shape each scene, telling stories using point-of-view editing to heighten suspense.

Xevi Solà draws stylistic, creative, and thematic inspiration from his unique employment history, having previously worked as a nurse and photographer at a psychological hospital. Jung’s “shadow”, Freud’s id, ego, and superego – all refer to primal desires in human nature divorced from morality. The outwardly docile female form in one of Xevi Sola’s works might very well be hiding a repressed sinful nature. The absurd personalities he brings to life may in fact reveal truths about human nature, where the strange becomes commonplace and even expected. A strong clashing sense of contrast is also a crucial element that visually strengthens every scene: A macho man and a holy sister. The strong and the weak. The fat and the thin. The jubilant and the despairing. We instinctively sense the theatrical tension that reflects an unseen yet growing blizzard hidden within his characters; the loneliness and sadness that stems from not being understood.

According to Hitchcock, those without the slightest hint and desire to sin will feel inspired to do so after watching his films. Through a subjective lens, Xevi depicts freaks and their strange behavior, summoning the subconscious within to gleefully connect with his characters.

西班牙藝術家塞維·索拉的作品有一種「隱性的暴力」,鄰家婦女、老農村婦、警察、壯漢…怪異的行徑與不合常理的事件不約而同都發生在自宅院落。看似安全溫暖的家卻是犯罪的溫床,每一幅作品像是劇情關鍵的電影畫報,瀰漫著微小而細瑣的緊張感,好像有什麼事即將發生。塞維·索拉如同希區考克,用柔和明亮的色調拍恐怖片,以各種違和的元素做場面調度,並以觀點式剪接(Point of View Editing)直接用畫面說故事,提升驚悚指數。




2007Fine Arts University Degree with special distinction (cum laude). University of Barcelona
2003Fine Arts Technical studies with special distinction (cum laude). School of Art and Design of Olot (Girona).
1969Born in Spain
19981st prize Comic Contest Cornella of Llobregat City 1998.
19981st prize Comic Contest of Calonge 1998.
19872nd prize Comic Contest Toutain Editor 1987.
2012Jury Selection, Gallery Mutu Painting Competition Grote Prijs Ernest Albert
Solo Exhibition
2018The Euphoria,YIRI ARTS,Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2017Jungles, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
2016Dual Pathology,YIRI ARTS,Taipei, Taiwan
2016Pintura sobre pintura. Galeria Inox, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2015Decameron, YIRI ARTS, Taichung, Taiwan
2013AgadoisÓ. Galeria Inox Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
2010Bel-Air. Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain
2009Exterior amb freak. Espai zer01, Olot Art’s Museum, Spain
Group Exhibition
2016DelicArtessen, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
2016Group Exhibition, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo.
2016Group exhibition, Galleri Oxholm, Copenhague
2016Power Flower. Magic beans Contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin
2015Galerie Grand’rue, Poitiers. France.
2015DelicArtessen, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
2014GRANDE y FELICISIMA, YIRI ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2014Emergencia Showroom nº3. Contemporary art showroom.
2013Group exhibition in december. Galeria Inox. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
2013Konvent.0 Annual exhibition of contemporary art. Cal Rosal, Barcelona, Spain
2012Delicartessen 11. Annual exhibition of contemporary art. Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona, Spain
2012Konvent.0 Annual exhibition of contemporary art. Cal Rosal, Barcelona, Spain
2010Singular 2010. Galeria Víctor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain
2010Biennale d’Art. Girona Culture Center.
2009Temps de Flors, landscape under construction. Girona Culture Center.
2008Masart Gallery Barcelona, Spain
2007Wanted. Art’s Center Santa Mònica Barcelona.
2007Travelling from the University of Barcelona in Córcega, Italy.
200742º Latitud Arte en Tudela. Cycle of contemporary art in Tudela.