YIRI ARTS 伊日藝術計劃

Valérie Novello 薇拉利.諾

The remains echo a past truth, of what has been – buried things, abandoned places, landscapes, bodies, and ruins – through the opacity of time. They are the memory of things and the memory of beings, in all their fragility. In the remains there is the presence of a mystery. Of what are they the remains? What image are they a sign of? If everything cannot be explained and if all cannot be achieved, I seek to give shape to a mental image – distant and original – which obsesses me. I try to approach it, to expose and reveal it in the present. The original image surrenders only the remains, incomplete, and fragmented. Each new creation is the quest for what I can only imagine and reconstruct by exploring the material – or the materials: organic, geological, and genealogical. It is a work to be unceasingly renewed.

藝術家Valérie Novello則以另一種方式理解著逝去的真實。系列作品「風景」(paysage)中,蠟是記憶的載體,這個半透明的材質將景物封存,並折射出了現實與回憶的距離。這些山形的團塊猶如縈繞在藝術家腦海中的思緒,憂鬱而濕潤,在混沌中逐漸明晰卻又難以觸知;也在虛實之間呼應著東方水墨的美學觀。
2019年的新作「地圖」(Carte) 延續風景系列的概念,發展出更形而上的維度。有機的脈絡和皺摺在半透明的蠟中相互隱沒。這張展開的地圖形同藝術家對其身體的總覽。

系列作品「絲線」(filets) 則以一種接近素描的方式勾勒著介於建築和有機物之間的簡形。染色的和紙纖維被收成線段,相互交織成原生而固著的結構,像家屋、奇石,抑或是寄身的藤蔓,各種可能在支離與建構之間相生