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單字Text(文本)、Textile(織品)、Texture(質地) 三個字之間關聯的很有趣,同時極富詩意的詞彙。源自於拉丁語Texo,意思是單詞與句子「編織」的方式(to weave)。織線在指尖穿行的感性,像是在口中感受文字、在腦中編織故事情節。「織」這個符號語言是親密的,經常被用來描述愛與關係。它也是誘人的,它引導了視覺動向,像是與路人視覺交錯的那條線,以令人窒息的方式將人們聯繫在一起的網,或是為了逃避而編織的障礙。


自己的房間 (A Room of One’s Own,1929) 中,作者維吉尼亞·吳爾芙(Virginia Woolf)比擬自身與周圍人事物的糾纏:「虛構小說就像一張蜘蛛網,也許是那樣的輕盈,但四個角仍與周圍息息相關……當網子歪掉時……人們會想起這些網子不是虛構的,而是受苦人類下的作品,並且依附在非常物質的事物上。比如健康、金錢和我們住的房子。」


What are the possibilities for the narrative of threads?

The relationship between the terms Text, Textile, and Texture is very interesting and, somehow, poetic. They derive from the Latin ‘Texo’, which means ‘to weave’ words and sentences. The sensuality of the intertwining threads passing through the fingertips is like the turning of words in the mouth, the weaving of the story strands in one’s brain. The symbolism of the word “woven” connotates intimacy, often used in connection with love and relationships. It is also tempting, guides the visual movement, like the invisible line that intersects the vision of passers-by, the net that connects people in a suffocating way, or the barrier woven for protection.

If there is an invisible line between the crowds, what would it look like if those lines were to appear in physical form?

The thin lines of matter penetrate the real world, presenting the observer with another critical thinking challenge; understanding how the artist connects reality and unreality, presenting the process of establishing a connection between themselves and others.

In A Room of One’s Own (1929), Virginia Woolf compares the nature of the entanglement between herself and her surroundings:

‘Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners…

When the web is pulled askew…one remembers that these webs are not spun in mid-air by incorporeal creatures, but are the work of suffering human beings, and are attached to grossly material things, like health and money and the houses we live in.’

Sculpting is a game of addition and subtraction. Painting considers the stacking of blocks and surfaces. The thread, from less to more, from the start to the end, shows the complete path of the creator.

線﹒索 Texo|藝術家聯展 Group Exhibition

參展藝術家 Participating Artists|
張恩慈  Chang En-Tzu
陳聖文 Chen Sheng-Wen
陳松志  Chen Sung-Chih
黃郁媚 Huang Yu-mei
盧亞·里維拉·菲格蘿亞 Lua Rivera Figueroa
威古納‧瓦拉薩拉  I Made Wiguna VALASARA

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