Taming the Beast

馴服野獸 Taming the Beast| Annual Project路瓦·里維拉 Lua Rivera

藝術家路瓦·里維拉(Lua Rivera)將人類廢棄的回收布料重新利用製成裝置作品《馴服野獸》。工業化後的文明產生出各式的廢料,如同一隻失控的野獸般不受控制,而無固定形狀的裝置呈現了對無法控制的過量廢料的恐懼形象。藝術家透過搜集廢布回收再利用的方式以延長期使用壽命,並賦予新的文化價值。同時也促使觀者反思紡織業所產出的廢料問題與找尋解決方案的可能性。

「讓今天的商品成為明天的資源。我們可以一起馴服這頭野獸。」— 路瓦·里維拉

This work is a portrait of a shifting era where we are struggling to find solutions for the overwhelming amount of waste produced by society and industry.

During its installation the public is invited to learn the weaving technique while adding new layers to the piece. At the same time this action creates an open discussion about the textile industry and the waste and the search for alternatives and solutions for the future.

Taming the Beast embraces a partial solution for the waste problem by promoting the use of waste material for culture making. It invites more companies to collaborate with artists, culture centers and public in general to ease the access to materials to extend their useful life letting the goods of today become the resources of tomorrow. Together we can tame this beast.

馴服野獸 Taming the Beast|Annual Project
路瓦·里維拉 Lua Rivera

地點|伊日藝術計劃 Rooftop&Free Art Petit Garden
時間|Tue. – Sat. 14:00 – 19:00 週日、一休館

All the fabric is repurposed material donated by Yee Chain International Co.

About 路瓦·里維拉 Lua Rivera


Lua Rivera makes art to erase the boundaries between disciplines, promoting a free interaction between them and allowing the exhibition to transcend the walls of the gallery. Lua based her artwork in processes such as nesting, growth and adaptation of organisms. As a visual artist she is distinguished from her continuous search and use of multidisciplinary resources such as intervention, collage, photography and textiles.