Mushroom Cloud

蕈菇狀的那一瞬間 Mushroom cloud|吳瑋庭個展 Wu Wei-Ting Solo Exhibition


計畫中更與伊日生活的香氛,一日茶室芬芳複方精華與香氛機,利用香芬的噴霧經由嗅覺感知影響空間密度的大小,並將液態轉換過程到揮發的現象,利用雕塑呈現霧氣的輪廓與範圍。更從許多的複方精華產品描述與嗅其味道,挑選了「黑山檀香複方精華」,產品描述:「沒藥、檀香|如同老茶客,茶前焚一爐禪靜檀香,極上之境, 靜心的沒藥、禪定的檀香,開啟與自我連結的神祕之鑰。」誘導著觀者尋找氣味的根源。


Have we tried to calculate the area of the diagonal line? or that of the shaded area? Asking questions inside or outside the bounds of the drawing is in fact a question of calculating the surface area, and it is more concerned with the internal and external relationship between the boundary. Artist Wu Wei-Ting brought this question into the space. After copying the dimensions of the beams and columns that appeared onsite, and Wei-Ting placed them in the space with a fixed inclination, implying that the generation of boundaries is a variable perspective and highlighting the density of viewing.

In this project, using Teaory’s essential oil and the diffuser, the fragrance spray affects the density of space through perception and converts the liquid state into the phenomenon of volatilisation, which is presented in the form of sculpture: the outline and extent of the fog. Based on the description and smell of many compound essence products, I selected “Sandalwood Dark Tea essential oil,”which has the following product description: “Myrrh, Sandalwood | Like an old tea drinker, burn a furnace of sandalwood before tea. The ultimate state, the tranquil myrrh, and the sandalwood for meditation, unlock the mysterious key to connecting with oneself.” This invites the viewer to find the source of the smell.

When perceiving a place, gazing at the space boundary, ground plane, corner, and light and shadow, the atmosphere is generally needed and exists daily, and the space is the production field of the daily things. In changing the inherent space of the column, this occurs through the placement of objects, the smog of the diffuser and fluttering of the smell, the emptiness of the mist, and the method of linking the work with the arc to gently guide the viewing direction. Smell is a memory method that provides spatial density and physical perception, creating a dense space rich in poetry.

About 吳瑋庭 Wu Wei-Ting


Explore the virtual and real boundaries between material, daily, space and social situations. Nowadays, science and technology intervene in the material world, the virtual material world becomes the coexistence form of the future, and the viewing space of the naked eye is more as a manifestation of nothingness. Between the speed of information transmission and the distance of the object, there is a noise of the place. Pay attention to the frame and field of view of daily life objects, place noise and observation objects, and try to construct a sympathetic experience of poetic fields for the configuration of objects in the space scene, and highlight the differences and meanings of “objects”.

蕈菇狀的那一瞬間 Mushroom cloud|吳瑋庭個展 Wu Wei-Ting Solo Exhibition

地點|伊日後樂園 1F
時間|Tue. – Sat. 14:00 – 19:00 週日、一休館

Date | 2022.06.09–07.02
Venue | BACK_Y 1F
Open | Tue.—Sat. 14:00—19:00
Closed | Sun.—Mon.
Add. | No.66, Xinming Road, Neihu District, Taipei City 114030, TAIWAN