La semana del arte de Taiwán en Madrid 2022

馬德里臺灣藝術週 2022

駐西班牙代表處文化組與伊日藝術計劃合作舉辦「馬德里臺灣藝術週」,首度嘗試一次參加兩大藝術博覽會,2月23日至27日於Art Madrid藝術博覽會展出藝術家張騰遠《鸚鵡人》系列, 2月25日至27日在Hybrid Art當代藝術博覽會展示王煜松《花蓮白燈塔》錄像創作,帶給馬德里屬於臺灣的藝術饗宴。

About 張騰遠 Chang, Teng-Yuan


Chang, Teng-Yuan, an artist, was born in Kaohsiung. Now, he is residing in Taipei, where he carries out his artistic creations. Since 2012, Chang has created a doomsday saga, with doomsday archeology as the concept. With fictional means, he uses paintings, animation spatial installations, and mixed media as the carriers of his thoughts. In his works, Chang fuses eastern and western elements of painting. Transforming them into signs, he re-constructs and creates new visual images with the fusion of the east and west.

His works have been presented in solo exhibitions or joint exhibitions in London, Cologne, New York, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul and Taipei. He established the Compound Eye Art Studio where Chang provides help and technical backup in artistic creations as well as endeavors in crossover collaboration. Working with other people, he expects to create a larger force in artistic creation.

About 王煜松 Wang Yu-Song

作品以複合媒材為主,透過自身的生命經驗及個人觀察,在生活中探索各種創作的可能。大學時期的作品,以思考繪畫及版畫本身的媒材為出發,但運用不同於繪畫及版畫的方式去接近關於其本質的事物,作品經常融入身體感知,空間場域… …等等元素。近期的作品關注於,空間中曾經存在的過去,正在發生的現在,以及可能發生的未來,所發生的事件,透過各種想像拼湊再閱讀,從自身的生活環境、生命經驗擴及到更廣的社會意識、群體關係,試圖探尋虛構及真實之間的曖昧地帶。透過物件,影像,或空間本身,將觀者帶入類似於故事性的場域,使觀者透過各種感官進入其中,自行閱讀及想像。

Born in Hualien in 1994, Yu-Song Wang is currently a student at the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan. He received a B.A. in printmaking from the School of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts in 2016, and graduated from Hualien Senior High School in 2012. A mixed-media artist, he aims at exploring various possibilities of creation in everyday lives through lived experience and personal observations. During his college years, Wang was devoted to pondering the respective medium specificity of painting and printmaking, and at the same time attempted to come close to the essence of things with artistic practices other than these two mediums. His works often incorporate affects, physical sensations, and spatial elements. His recent works focus on the “past” that has existed, the “now” that is happening, and the “future” that may take place.

Wang likes to explore the ambiguous zone between fiction and reality through his own living environment, lived experience, and to a greater extent, social consciousness and relationships in groups. Through objects, images or particular spatial configurations, his works invite the viewers to open up all their senses and read and interpret the works with their own imagination.

花蓮白燈塔 Hualien’s White Light House
2017|13’36”|Single-chanel Video

La semana del arte de Taiwán en Madrid 2022
馬德里臺灣藝術週 2022

Chang, Teng-Yuan solo exhibition
23-27 Feb.2022
La Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles
Booth B6

6ª Hybrid Art Fair
Wang Yu-Song solo exhibition
25-27 Feb.2022
Hotel Petit Palace Santa Bárbara
Room 212

Sponsor: Ministry of Culture 、Oficina Económica y Cultural de Taipéi