萬華鏡 kaleidoscope|藝術家聯展 Group Exhibition





Each rotation of the kaleidoscope makes the world in front of us unknown unexpectedly. Where one mirror after another is the kaleidoscope that we were familiar with when we were young, just like the scenery of every moment in life.

Looking at the nine participating artists works seem as if immersed in the woods. Where they used colours, shapes, deconstruction and reposition somehow relieve and comfort the worries in our lives. Every artistic conception is a projection of the inner world; and every corner is a new beginning.

The clumps of trees also make every beam of light dazzling. The artist’s sincerely created expressions form a childlike vision, while the lines flow like water, and the colour blocks stay bold and arbitrary. All of which seem conflicted, yet have made every piece a unique work. With animals getting along with humans and surrounded by nature, no matter what kind of posture, we will be our most wonderful kaleidoscope of life.

萬華鏡 kaleidoscope|藝術家聯展 Group Exhibition

參展藝術家 Participating Artists|
平子雄一 Yuichi Hirako
伊藤 彩 Aya Ito
柏原由佳 Yuka Kashihara
金城敏樹 Kinjo
小出ナオキ Naoki Koidei
工藤麻紀子 Makiko Kudo
蘿拉・琳伯格 Laura Limbourg
中屋敷智生Tomonari Nakayashiki
楊・紹馬爾 Jan Soumar
莫妮卡.蘇畢迭 Mònica Subidé

地點|伊日藝術計劃 1F
時間|Tue. – Sat. 13:00 – 19:00 週日、一休館