Earthly Kingdom

地球國 Earthly Kingdom|LeeeeeeToy Solo Exhibition

歡迎來到 LeeeeeeToy的《地球國 Earthly Kingdom》!



《地球國 Earthly Kingdom》的主角為LeeeeeeToy的標誌性人物大地之子Earthly。大地之子於2016年誕生,深受各地粉絲愛戴。地球之子這次來到台北,歡喜地於雲層中嬉戲、在彩虹間翻筋斗、與蝴蝶一起在陽光燦爛的宇宙中翩翩起舞。



Hong Kong artist duo LeeeeeeToy is excited to welcome you to EARTHLY KINGDOM: a magical land sparkling with the special rainbow power of joy, love, and play.

EARTHLY KINGDOM is LeeeeeeToy’s debut solo art exhibition and showcases the artist duo’s versatility across multiple mediums. Working across painting, sculpture, and mechanical statuettes, LeeeeeeToy’s meticulously crafted creations radiate a multisensorial aesthetic that combines innocence with kitsch, fantasy with reality, and nostalgic naiveté with a contemporary urgency. Cheeky, playful, yet imbued with a deep humanity, LeeeeeeToy’s artistic language summons the purest and most untainted depths of our soul, reminding us of the blissful ecstasies of youth and imagination.  

The central character in EARTHLY KINGDOM is the iconic and much-loved character Earthly, which LeeeeeeToy first introduced in 2016. Thrilled to be welcoming new friends to his light-filled universe, Earthly is frolicking amongst clouds, somersaulting through rainbows, dancing among butterflies, and much more. 

Ultimately, Earthly is welcoming you Home. Earthly’s call to action is simple: he is inviting us to play in his EARTHLY KINGDOM, and to experience delight and transformation through the simple, pure, and abundant joys of imagination and creativity.

Come and join Earthly on his adventures. “Thank you for playing me!”

About LeeeeeeToy

1986年出生於香港的Lewa和 Lego,於 2016 年創立了藝術品牌“LeeeeeeToy”,設計並生產100% 手工玩具收藏品,並迅速獲得了廣大的追隨者。LeeeeeeeToy 透過創作,將香港曾於1960 和 1970 年代作為世界級玩具製造城市的輝煌歷史傳承下去。 隨著品牌知名度不斷提高,LeeeeeToy 的作品現已在 M+ 和香港視覺文化博物館販售。橫跨藝術與設計,兩人的作品在香港、日本、台灣、中國大陸、泰國、澳大利亞和美國等國際畫廊中展出。

Born and based in Hong Kong, Lewa (b. 1986) and Lego (b. 1986) founded “LeeeeeeToy” in 2016, producing 100% hand-made and hand-crafted art toy collectibles that quickly gained a devoted cult following. From design to product execution to exquisite vintage packaging, LeeeeeeToy’s creations proudly carry on Hong Kong’s glorious 1960s and 1970s legacy as a world-class and globally respected toy manufacturing city.

With a growing following and increasing recognition, LeeeeeeToy’s works and collectibles are now available at M+ and the Hong Kong Museum of Visual Culture. Spanning art toys, soft vinyl, canvas and paper, the duo’s creations have been exhibited in galleries and shows in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Australia, and the United States. 

地球國 Earthly Kingdom|LeeeeeeToy Solo Exhibition

地點|伊日後樂園 2F
時間|Tue. – Sat. 14:00 – 19:00 週日、一休館

Date | 2022.05.07–05.28
Venue | BACK_Y 2F
Open | Tue.—Sat. 14:00—19:00
Closed | Sun.—Mon.
Add. | No.66, Xinming Road, Neihu District, Taipei City 114030, TAIWAN