Earth and Star

土和星星 Earth and Star| 耿怡文個展 Ken Yi-Wen Solo Exhibition




I would like to turn to soil to nourish the growth of animals. To nurture them with love and light, like the stars that illuminate me, become soft existences.

To me, animals are like an extension of the body and the repetition of the soul. I can feel their emotions and physical pain. At a particular moment, we are inseparable. We are one. This is a delicate connection, but brings sad shadows because you know that when animals live in the human world, they lose part of their right to speak.

Humans always have big imaginations and expectations for animals. Whether it is cute pictures on the Internet or over-interpreted behaviours, human beings only want to see images they like but ignore the actual situation, appearance, and emotions of animals. When I was sculpting, I created cute and fat animals. I brought my personal experience into my work, showing the public’s expectations of animals and the fragments of my life with them. They are intertwined with each other, forming a space for dialogue.

撰文Text / 耿怡文 Ken, Yi-Wen

About 耿怡文 Ken,Yi-Wen

耿怡文畢業於國立臺灣藝術大學工藝設計學系碩士班,在學間曾於英國Bath Spa University- Contemporary Art Practice交換學習。主修陶瓷,作品風格融合寫實與抽象,多探討人與動物間的關係,從中思考兩者間複雜的情感與立場。作品曾於台南藝術博覽會、台北金車藝文中心、鶯歌陶瓷博物館等地展出,也曾在Art Kudos獲得Award of Distinction、第七屆台灣金陶獎獲得評審獎等。       

Ken,Yi-Wen was graduated from the Master’s program of the Crafts & Design Department, National Taiwan University of Arts, during the process she has also participated in an exchange program with Bath Spa University- Contemporary Art Practice. She majored in ceramics.

Her creative style consists a fusion of realism and abstract art, mostly themed in discussing the relationship between human and animals, inspiring others to reflect upon the complex emotions and standpoints within each situation. Her artworks has been displayed at venues such as the Art Tainan exhibition, King Car Cultural and Art Center, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics museum, also winning the Award of Distinction during the Art Kudos event and the Award of Jury  during the seventh anniversary Taiwan Golden Ceramics award.

土和星星 Earth and Star| 耿怡文個展 Ken Yi-Wen Solo Exhibition

地點|伊日後樂園 1F
時間|Tue. – Sat. 14:00 – 19:00 週日、一休館

Date | 2022.07.14–08.06
Venue | BACK_Y 1F
Open | Tue.—Sat. 14:00—19:00
Closed | Sun.—Mon.
Add. | No.66, Xinming Road, Neihu District, Taipei City 114030, TAIWAN