A Song for Loss

Wu Chia-Yun Solo Exhibition




A Song for Loss

Since my study in 2008, my practice centres on the research and production of fictional filmmaking. My motivations to question the potentiality of image has led to an experimental exploration with materials and forms. My former experience in filmmaking has allowed me to apply the technique of film narration, mise en scène and cinematic language into the creation of visual art. To challenge the philosophy of time-based media art – having its characteristics of media art as the work itself, I have deconstructed the use of camera perspective and montage, altering the medium of image and sound to an imagery installation.

As the empty shot (ambience shot) in the film captures the transition of scene and time-lapse, it also symbolises the continuity of a flooded emotion. “A Song for Loss” is an invitation to rediscover the self within a family, a country and the world. It conveys a worldview of an unknown traveller with no identity by the conscious arrangements of independent shots to the unconsciousness. From removing characters in every image, creating physical spacing to overlapping and blocking, the empty shot break free from the ordinary snapshot. The disconnect between the scene and the narrative sequence carries a weight of the emptiness, mirroring the traveller’s desire for belonging in the world; likened to being shadowed by a displaced soul when I left my motherland, travelling as an isolated nomad.

Out of the stream of consciousness, “A Song for Loss” is a diary fabricated by the empty shot and installations, which captures the stillness of time. Sitting between movement and motionlessness, narrative and non-narrative, the abstract and physical, it is a song for the undefined state of in-between. This exhibition explores the idea of “a one body with two sides” through the art of film and the form of visual art, handling regret that is untranslatable.

吳家昀 Wu Chia-Yun


Artist Biography

Wu Chia-Yun (b.1988, Taiwan) received an MA degree in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art (London) and an MFA degree in Motion Picture from the National Taiwan University of Arts (Taipei). She is an artist and filmmaker based in Taipei, her work is a mixture of image, video, mixed media and installation, focusing on the topics of “human condition” and “the time of image”. Wu explores the possibilities of images with the use of poetic languages, blurring the boundary between narrative and non-narrative. To study the essence of image, she often transforms the property of the materials into her work by craftsmanship; and through examining the relationships between material and image, she reflects her observation towards lifetimes from the perspective of philosophy.

Wu has been awarded as New Artist Made in Taiwan by the Ministry of Culture (2017), First Prize of Kaohsiung Awards by the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (2019), and has had a solo exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2019). Her works have also been internationally selected to the European Media Art Festival (2020), The European Independent Film Channel (2015), Shanghai international Film Festival (2014).

茶會|2020.08.14 15:00
開幕座談|2020.08.14 16:00 與談人 羅珮嘉、陳永賢、王俊傑
時間|Tue. – Sun. 13:00 – 19:00 週一休館