YIRI ARTS 伊日藝術計劃

SHIH Yung-Chun 時永駿

The uniqueness in Shih Yung Chun’s works is the sense of vicissitudes of the fleeting time. Shih Yung Chun not only skillfully lays out three-dimensional spatiality in a two-dimensional space; further, by using techniques of abrasion, mosaic, color-gradation and rubbing, he creates an association to fourth-dimensional space. He discards the vivid surface of reality; instead, he deliberately digs the fear from blurred memories buried in humanity. Such bewildered gloom is hidden deeply inside every horror in the middle of the night. It emerges unconsciously yet can never be totally grasped, much less captured of its clear contour. Shih Yung Chun conceals his fanciful interpretations in the vagueness of the most trivial things appearing in his works, setting up irrational plots we often overlook in real life. This coincidentally corresponds with the interpretations of dreams from the surrealists in last century. From his unique perspectives, Shih Yung Chun expresses “life” in various quirky and grotesque ways. “Painting” is his exit for fleeing from reality. Here, he is able to rationalize every fantasy and fictional creation. The thrilling plots hidden under ordinary materials in his works are more like the mystifying tricks in horror movies, and are more deviant than from the surrealists’ dreams.