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本書收錄西班牙藝術家 Guim Tió 於 2013 年至 2016 年的<雜誌系列>創作。
Guim Tió 將自己的創作手法稱為「眼睛手術」(eye surgery)——將雜誌、海報上原有的人像其油墨溶解、覆蓋、重新化其妝髮,沈靜地回應了媒體、廣告塑造出的主流價值。Guim Tió 的紙上作品如一場暗啞的狂歡,一張張熟悉卻無名的臉,被給予了沈默的名,平凡卻靜靜地映著光,宛若你我,在藝術家所創造的世界中繞行。

MAGAZINE SERIES is a project by Spanish artist Guim Tió. This book features some of his stunning works done from 2013 to 2016.
Guim Tió named his techniques method as “eye surgery” — with models representations and perfect appearance spread across the pages of magazine. He extracted this perfection from the magazine, in terms of removed the surface ink, and to re-cover the figures. A metaphor for how popular media affect our perception of beauty, as well as the physical manipulation of plastic surgery, genetics and cybernetics, revealing that dark part of the human soul hid behind the pretense of perfection.

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Artist|Guim Tió

1st Edition|2018 Nov.
Specification|Hardback/96 pages/20×28.4 cm


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