Mònica Subidé 莫妮卡.蘇畢迭

Mònica’s portraits emphasize her subject’s style, skin, subtle emotions, and daily lives. Every face is a character in of itself, each painting a story. She is particularly adept at creating strong composition using people, animals, plants, and still objects, mixing the tumultuous with the lonely and the passionate with the indifferent, combining to form a fascinating sense of incongruity and absurdity; whether overlapping large blocks of color or intentionally blank spaces, all leave plentiful room for imagination. As it is for the characters in “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, the prophecies have been revealed and the city has been washed away by a storm – yet even as the story ends, the portraits of each character live on within the reader.

Mònica believes feeling and perception are what will accompany us to the end, drawing us into a tunnel of childhood, pausing to savor unforgettable moments with family. Confusion at the adult world, playfulness and opposition between peers, pure and simple people and plants, a fantasy land reminiscent of Alice’s rabbit hole… all are brought to life through her hands. Layers of thick paint support an emotional outlet, seemingly offering an answer to solitude: nothing is worth hating. Break free from love and hate, break free from this curse of the heart – that is the key to dissolving loneliness.




 Fine Art at Centre d’Art Massana, Barcelona
1974Born in Barcelona Spain
Solo Exhibition
2019Bea Villamarin, Gijón, Spain
2018Contrast Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2014Workin on it, Espai Eterna , Barcelona, Spain
2013Nidos, Bj Art Gallery , Paris , France.
2012Carn de retrat, Galeria Fidel Balaguer , Barcelona, Spain
Group Exhibition
2016GRANDE y FELICISIMA2.0, YIRI ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015Scholarship Exhibition,Gallery Ramfjord,Oslo, Norway
2014Estantigua Eat meat,Raw Gallery,Barcelona,Spain
2014Deli Cart Essen 13 Galeria Esther Montiriol,Barcelona, Spain
2014Materia y memoria lo sensible y su Representaciones Casa Elizalde, Barcelona, Spain
2013Deli Cart Essen 12 Galeria Esther Montiriol, Barcelona, Spain
2013Dibuixant la nit Galeria Anquin’s, Bj Art Gallery, Paris, France
2013Lille Art Fair, Bj art Gallery Lille, France
2013Konvent 0 instal.lació TEIXINT UNA Infancia, Barcelona, Spain
2012Deli Cart Essen 11, Galeria EstherMontoriol, Barcelona, Spain
2012Conv 0 intal.lació SIMETRIES AN AL TEMPS, Barcelona, Spain
2011Deli Cart Essen 10 Galeria Esther, Barcelona, Spain
2010Deli Cart Essen 9 Galeria Esther Montoriol,Barcelona, Spain