YIRI ARTS 伊日藝術計劃

Maru Quiñonero 瑪莉.葵妮

If an artwork has reason for being, it is enough with very few elements. —— Alexander Calder

In this abstract line of work (started in 2017) I try to create a conversation between color and emptiness.The two main characters, the pastels and the paper, live together in harmony to define my own creative universe.A soft and dry texture on a clean and vast support that welcomes the shapes and colors that come out of my head.Sometimes following a previous sketch, other times working automatically without paying attention on the rules that I establish myself.

Using a palette tone that works in a therapeutic sense because allows me to explore the synesthesia that lives with me since I was a little girl, creating a very personal link between each color and its own attribution of a particular feeling or mood.This synesthesia exercise that recognizes the different emotions in colors elevates my creative discourse far beyond the simply aesthetic.

Color and Vacuum is my personal project about the study of color, form and emptiness.

西班牙藝術家瑪莉·葵妮 Maru Quiñonero,在 ”Color and Vacuum” 抽象線條系列作品中,以音樂劇芝加哥開場曲 ”All that Jazz” 為創作發想,聯想起 70 年代的懷舊色彩,分別具有力量、瘋狂、脆弱、熱情情緒感知的顏色。在這系列的創作中,Quiñonero嘗試在色彩、形式、虛空元素之中建立對話,並和諧地運用兩種創作媒材粉彩與紙張。溫暖柔軟舒適的顏色,來自Quiñonero小時候成長於西班牙南部的記憶,也定義了藝術家專屬的創作領域。


2006 MA Fashion Communication VOGUE Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain
2001 Art History Degree Murcia University, Spain
1979 Madrid, Spain

Solo Exhibition
2021 Verso y Prosa” · Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona,Spain
2020 Lo azul’ · Galería Álvaro Alcázar, Madrid, Spain
2020 What if?, Voltz Clarke, New York, US
2019 Color and Vacuum, EG Galería, Madrid, Spain
2017 Mujeres, EG Galería, Madrid, Spain
2016 Treinta, EG Galería, Madrid, Spain
2016 Ni hadas ni sirenas, Almacén Alquián, Madrid, Spain
2015 La mirada educada, Passage Privé, Madrid, Spain
2014 Proyecto Ellas, Passage Privé, Madrid
2013 Welcome to Mariland, Passage Privé, Madrid

Group Exhibition

2021 Tiene madera,Galería Álvaro Alcázar,Madrid, Spain
2021 Visto y no vist,Galería Álvaro Alcázar,Madrid, Spain
2019 Un día es un día,Galería Álvaro Alcázar,Madrid, Spain
2019 Post it,EG Galería,Madrid, Spain
2019 En Paralelo,Galería Álvaro Alcázar,Madrid, Spain
2018 Post it,EG Galería,Madrid, Spain
2017 When you are a stranger, EG Galería, Madrid, Spain
2014 Wall BDC, Galerie-Espace Le Marais, París, France
2014 Wall BDC, The Walrus Hub, Barcelona, Spain