YIRI ARTS 伊日藝術計劃

Laura Limbourg 蘿拉・琳伯格

Laura Limbourg was born in Antwerp and currently studying at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

A key source of inspiration for Laura was her six-month stay in Southeast Asia. The paintings show exotic jungle plants, religious and cult statues, as well as girls from the streets of Asian cities, who are forced to sell their bodies for a living.

Limbourg thus underlines the seriousness and prevalence of prostitution, sex tourism and the abuse of (not only) women on the Asian continent. Although Laura explicitly captures naked female bodies, their performance defies an objectifying and sexualizing view. In contrast, he portrays women as strong and confident personalities accompanied by tigers, who represent their protectors. The canvases also contain a number of details and hidden symbolism, which only appears on closer inspection and thus completes the messages and stories of the individual paintings.

Her style is sovereign and distinctive, and although her paintings may seem provocative or too explicit at first glance, Limbourg opens up strong and important themes through it that deserve societal attention.

出身於比利時,目前就讀於Academy of Fine Arts in Prague的蘿拉,作品靈感來源自她在東南亞旅行的六個月。這些繪畫展示了異國情調的叢林植物,亞洲宗教和雕像以及城市街道上受迫害的性工作者。她明確捕獲了裸露的女性身體,並拒絕服從刻板性別的觀點。她將女性描繪出自信並伴隨老虎與各式漂浮的頭顱(梅杜莎),畫中女子仍能自得其樂。其風格有著獨特的識別性,正通過繪畫回應了對議題的態度,她的作品或許張狂而露骨,畫面卻是有著除了和諧之外,半透明的挑釁和無奈。