Lai Wei-Yu​

Lai Wei-Yu 賴威宇

Artist Lai Wei-yu’s world of art is like Fellini’s Trojan Horse, depicting the strange masses in exaggerated festive celebration. Transitioning from realistic portraits to the fantastic, symbolic, and dramatic style seen now, Lai takes seemingly absurd situations and explores them with a childish wonder, creating paintings reminiscent of Fellini’s rainbow kaleidoscopes, inviting viewers to revel and celebrate. However, in the dark corners neglected by the light, we also catch a glimpse of life’s frustration and desolation.

Lai’s creative life has been movie-like, featuring the exciting adventures encountered while growing up. Hope, disappointment, shock, and joy change constantly in a montage, breaking from traditional linear storytelling, traversing freely between reality and dreamworld. The artist derives inspiration from life, turning it into brilliant sparks, groping through the fog in search of a path, hiding a sad sympathy behind the veneer of satire. What appears rational upon first glance turns out to be fabricated Ukiyo-e. Our world may be a flawed one, broken pieces beneath seemingly sweet life – and so we need movies that allow us to breath. And thus we dream, sieging the city through art and brush.