YIRI ARTS 伊日藝術計劃

Hanna Ilczyszyn 漢娜・伊淇

Creation is an artist’s outlet for expressing emotions and desires. The things confined within our internal prisons never truly disappear, so finding the switch that toggles memory is crucially important. Dreams occur when the gatekeepers let down their guard, and even when fragmented and incomplete, our dreams are clues pointing us towards something grander.

Reality is cruel, and life is never perfect. Yet art allows us to temporarily escape from it all, enjoying blissful fantasy. Hanna’s creative inspiration is derived from old family photographs and her everyday dreams. She mixes water with pigments, and as her bush flies across the canvas, the paints begin to trickle down uncontrollably like tears. Both planned composition and the random paths taken by layer upon layer of paint provide us with hints that the artist is diving into her own consciousness, delivering a message that has something to do with memories. While these anonymous figures lack faces and features, the animal masks they wear, and the little ornamental trinkets serve to create a sense of intrigue.

Dreams are the realization of suppressed and distorted desire. That which is unseen, that which we don’t want to know about, that which we are unaware of – Hanna’s drawings guide us into a maze of memory, carefully tracing a path into the unknown. In this vaguely familiar dreamscape, mystical flowers can be found within a fog-filled forest. It is only when we closely examine the shadow and other messages revealed in our dreams that we can truly know and love ourselves.




2008 Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland
2007 MFA, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Belgium
1984 Born in Poland
2018 STEP travel grant
2016 European Capital of Culture grant, AIR. Wroclaw/San Sebastian
2012 Jury Selection, Prijzen Van Harelbeke
2012 Jury Selection, Gallery Mutu Painting Competition Grote Prijs Ernest Albert
2012 Jury’s Commendation, Harelbeke, Belgium Poland Mechelen, Belgium
Solo Exhibition
2018 Over Paintrd Portraits , Kohviks, Mooste , Estonia
2017 Rainbow , Yiri arts, Taichung , Taiwan
2017 Belgian Sky ,Solo show in Yes Art Gallery, Koksijde, Belgium
2016 Where the wild roses grow solo show in Barbé Gallery, Gent, Belgium
2016 No one is looking at you solo show in Sandhofer Gallery, Salzburg, Austria
2015 LaLa Land Solo exhibition in Yiri Arts Pier 2 gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 Forest people- solo exhibition in Poco gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
2013 We are all mad here – solo exhibition at Sonnentor Art Space, Yiri Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 Zamknieta przestrzen, City Gallery, Wrocław, Poland
Group Exhibition
2018 2nd International Plein Air VALDIS BUŠS, Vilaka, Daugavpils, Mark Rothko Center, Latvia
2017 Pierwsza Linia_, ODA, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland
2017 Les mauvaises herbes, Lavallée, Brussels, Belgium
2017 Short stories Galerie Strzelski, Stuttgart, Germany
2017 Nasty Women, Josilda de Conceicao Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2016 HOPE- Charity Exhibition, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Tabakalera, DSS2016, San Sebastian, Spain
2016 Kunstbeurs, Leuven, Belgium
2016 The inner side, Galerie Dessers, Leuven, Belgium
2015 Serendipity, Galerie Dessers, Leuven, Belgium
2015 Exhibition in Adrien/Kavachnina gallery, Paris, FR
2015 Affordable Art Fair with Gelarie Arielle d’Hauterives, Brussels
2014 Tokyo Art Book Fair, with Yiri Arts, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Art Osaka art fair with Yiri Arts, Osaka, Japan
2014 Découvertes printanières- group show, Galerie Arielle d’Hauterives, Brussels, Belgium
2014 Group show Art Tainan, Yiri Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
2014 Art Apart Fair with Yiri Arts- Parkroyal on Pickering, Singapore
2013 Art on Paper- art fair, White Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
2012 Exhibition at Palac Stuki (Art Palace), Krakow, Poland – jury selection
2012 Exhibition at the Culure House – selection for “Prijzen van Meise” – painting competition, Meise, Belgium
2012 Exhibition at CC het Spoor – selection for “Prijzen van Harelbeke” – 30th painting competition in Harelbeke, Belgium
2008 Bloom” project-mural painting, hotel Bloom, Brussels, Belgium
Art Fair
2018 Antwerp Art Fair, Antwerp, Belgium
2017 The Shining_, Art Taipei, Yiri Arts Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Kunstbeurs, Leuven, Belgium2015 Affordable Art Fair with Gelarie Arielle d’Hauterives, Brussels n
2014 Art Apart Fair with Yiri Arts- Parkroyal on Pickering, Singapore
2013 Art on Paper [4]- art fair, White Hotel, Brussels, Belgium