ExhibitionTaipei Space

35.The Sound and the Fury / 《喧嘩與騷動》

策展主題 | 喧嘩與騷動 The Sound and The Fury
展出藝術家 | 陳雲、賴威宇、李瀚卿、邱承宏

展覽日期 | 2015/10/29 ~ 11/29
開幕茶會 | 2015/10/31,19:00
開放時間 | 週二至週日,13:00~19:00 (週一公休)
展覽地點 | 台北市八德路四段768巷5號4樓之1



The book is constructed from four monologues, three male and one female. In this context, YIRI Arts has invited four artists – three male and one female, interpreting the theme together. Chen Yun’s creative theme focuses on consciousness and memory, utilizing montage-like splicing to combine pieces together, like poetic whispers. Lai Wei-yu’s creations are deeply intertwined with social issues, and the “Petit Romance” black and white sketch series depicts imagery of people involved in social movements, much like the shared experience of socialization. In parallel with color works of the Petit Romance series, characters that appear are oftentimes too large or small, leaving open further interpretation regarding inequality within society and between individuals. Lai’s works are those that echo the theme of “Fury” in this exhibition.