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The Reflection of Sense – Hsu Ying-Hao Exhibition

寫形鏡 The Reflection of Sense
徐英豪個展 Hsu Ying-Hao Exhibition

展期|2017.12.22 – 2018.1.21
茶會|2017.12.23 Sat. 15:00
地址|台北市八德路四段768巷5號4樓之1 (新矽谷站前大樓)
時間|Tue. – Sun. 13:00 – 19:00 週一休館




From the memory, I often feel that I am alienated from the people, the society, the world, and even myself. The state of Entfremdung(alienation) is just like the state of the Shadow of ‘‘Penumbra asked Shadow’’ of the ‘‘Zhuangzi: Discussion of the Equality of Things’’. The shadow cannot control its own actions by its consciousness so it believes that it should have the dependence (We all know that the shadow is attached to the subjects.) without knowing why. Yet, even if the shadow knows the reason, it could not be able to have its own domination anyway.

Born with the wisdom of the other creatures, yet we are still not capable enough to fully control our own body and mind. Whether conscious or unconscious, all our life activities are affected all the time by the natural environment and other creatures (such as the vital human microbiome). On the other hand, in the system of human society, our survival patterns are partly decided by our own identity and social status since our birth, as well as our own society ideology and system around the way. Whether from the biological or sociological point of view, humans are not as imagined to autonomy, but from beginning to end, are in a variety of dominated state.

In spite of the futility, I still want to respond my observations to the either hidden or significant unpleasant domination in life, as a struggle. Painting is a way of them. And, that is the core of the exhibition ‘‘The Reflection of Sense’’.