Short Film Project|Sun Pei-Mao



In “Park Information” series, SUN Pei-mao incorporated animals not native to Taiwan, such as zebras and elephants, and idols in Chinese folklore into his works about past amusement parks in Taiwan. He used an almost self-mocking approach to reshape a common experience that many Taiwanese had growing up. Taking the inverse perspective approach, SUN Pei-mao reassembled dissimilated elements in a picture into a huge, map-like visual scene, and various little stories were unfolding concurrently at various spots on the scene.

導演 Director |陳彥安 Chen Yen-An
攝影 Camera|楊峻翔 Yang Jun-Siang
音樂 Music composer|章羣 Zhang Chun
製作 Production|沿岸有限公司 Atelier YenAn