Short Film Project|Lai Wei-Yu




Lai Wei-Yu’s paintings have always utilized humorous techniques to present strong and complicated emotions and feelings, such as panic, anger, loneliness, sadness, and revelry. He put these feelings in a single object, mixing them, causing confusion, and making it hard to determine the dimension of these emotions and hence making it even more confusing and worrying.

At the same time, he has unceasingly looked for carriers for these anxieties and developed many series of themes and techniques. From anxiety in individuals to panicky flights of anxiety in groups, such as group activities, faculty and students on school campuses, and family members are all frequent “victims” in Lai Wei-Yu’s paintings.

導演 Director |陳彥安 Chen Yen-An
攝影 Camera|楊峻翔 Yang Jun-Siang
音樂 Music composer|章羣 Zhang Chun
製作 Production|沿岸有限公司 Atelier YenAn