New Normal:Jan Soumar

藝術使我們能夠審視作為人類的意義、使我們能夠跨距離的交流、使我們團結在一起。 2020年至今,我們面臨著全球疫情危機。另一個角度而言,自由的限制或許能成為藝術的再進化。這次,我們邀請國內外藝術家進行訪談,聊聊他們的「新日常」。

Art is an expression of what it means to be human, it allows us to communicate from afar, and allows us to come together collectively. From 2020 to present, we are still dealing with a global pandemic. From another perspective, the restrictions on freedom may be a re-evolution of art. While we wait for that to emerge, we asked several artists to open up about their challenge in this new normal of life during these strange days.

Jan Soumar:「我仍然對手機app的變形功能感興趣。」

1/ 嗨Jan,今年最棒的事情是?

Hi Jan, what’s the best thing to happen to you this year?

嗨? 今年最棒的事情就是我和蘿拉的新工作室,在布拉格的一個名叫Gabriel loci的古修道院。

Hi ? The best thing this year is my and Laura’s new studio in old monastery in Prague called Gabriel loci. It is really impressive place.

2/ 今天早上起床第一個想到的事?

What was the first thing you thought of when your alarm went off this morning?


Haha, that i should wake up earlier

3/ 你如何渡過疫情?尤其是在布拉格?

How you are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Prague?

布拉格狀況真的很糟糕,但現在已漸漸恢復正常。在最困難的時候,我人在台灣,那是一個很棒的經驗。I love Taiwan 😀

In Prague it was really bad, but now it is quit in normal. When it was really bad in Prague, i have been in Taipei and it was perfect experience, I love Taiwan :D.

4/ 就藝術家而言,你的生活有因為疫情而改變嗎?

To what extent has your everyday life as an artist changed in quarantine?


Not so prominently, I’m still studying, so i could not use studio at Academy, so i was compulsory to find new studio.

5/ 如果你早知道會封城這麼久,你會做什麼樣的改變嗎?

If you’d known that you’d be so isolated for so long, what would you have done differently?

不會 😀

Nothing 😀

6/ 這段時間你在做什麼創作?

What art have you turned to in this time?


I’m still focused on painting, but I’m open for every kind of art.

7/ 回想起來有特別爛的想法嗎?

Did you have any particularly bad ideas? 



8/ 你作品中最重要的元素是?

What’s the most important element in your artwork?


In this moment it is human body and landscape.

9/ 有和網路、科技互動嗎?

Do you interact with the digital world/technology in your work?


Yes, I’m still inspired by mobile apps and still using deformations from them.

10/ 你手機中最奇怪的app?

What’s the weirdest app on your phone?

Patchy scan 3d,是個很好笑的app。

Patchy scan 3d, it is really funny app

11/ 疫情有影響到你與人之間的關係嗎?

How has the pandemic affected your relationship?

一切都很完美 🙂

Everything is perfect 🙂

12/ 最後,可以推薦一部好的電影嗎?

Finally, can you recommend a good movie?


Lately I loved Gentleman, Lighthouse and 12 monkeys.

About Jan Soumar 楊・紹馬爾

藝術家楊・紹馬爾出生於1995年布拉格,捷克(Prague, Czech Republic),目前就讀於布拉格美術學院(Academy of fine arts in Prague),2020年於台北藝術大學進行交換學⽣計畫。楊以科技的不合作方式,創造出人物面孔的變形扭曲,場景也變得斷裂分散,在將其抽離與重組,並繪製出獨特的變形形式。