Neighborhood : Ours and Others

王煜松2020個展〈兩個福爾摩沙〉× Marianna Christofides 2010作品〈Along the G-Line〉

我們和他們的地方 Neighborhood : Ours and Others
撰文 / 吳思薇

想像一個地方,想像一條邊界,想像地球的另一端。 從來沒有一個地方是清白的,當人們初到一個地方,就自然而然的開始對於眼見所及指手畫腳。



Imagine a place, imagine a border, imagine the other end of the earth.
There has never been a place that is innocent, and when people first arrive, they begin to point at the space they see.When we describe a place, we think that every place may be used by ourselves.When we imagine a place, we are the main character in the place. However, places are still innocent. Apart from us, there are still others. The Place is a crowded paradise.

No matter how you describe and imagine a place, base on the truth or the fiction,
there are always endless paradoxes.

The place is still the place.

2009年,我正在看我七歲的侄子做運動。 我想像過將這種活動從體育館移植到公共場所,或者移植到幾十年來被注定停滯不前的場所,那些通向聯合國緩衝區的街道,將尼科西亞一分為二。 這種轉變會導致什麼?在尼科西亞,原本可以賦予城市空間體驗的連續性不斷被打斷。 實際上,男孩的運動被限制在每條街道的狹窄範圍之內。 在每個死胡同中,他都必須重新開始。 但是,編輯模式意味著沿分界線的永無止境的移動-這種情況無法如圖所示發生。

In 2009 I was watching my seven-year-old nephew doing athletics. I imagined how it would be to transplant this action from a sports hall into public space or rather to one for decades now condemned to standstill – namely the streets leading to the UN–Buffer zone that cuts Nicosia in two. What could such a shift induce?
In Nicosia, the otherwise given continuity in the experience of urban space is constantly being interrupted. The boy’s movement is, in reality, confined within the narrow breadth of every street; in each cul de sac, he has to start anew. The editing mode though implies a never-ending movement along the divide – a situation that cannot take place as shown.

Along the G-Line
experimental video, 2010 | XD-CAM EX transferred to blu-ray disc | 2′ 14” | 16:9 | colour | stereo
Concept, cinematography, sound, editing: Marianna Christofides
Performance: Orestis Papayiannis | sound mixing: Cedric Hopf

吳思薇 Wu Szu-wei

*本文收錄在「2020 伊日藝術計劃 × 一件作品的策展」,主要由伊日藝術計劃邀請筆者擔任策展,提出一件與當期個展藝術家對話的作品,此次筆者選擇的作品為Marianna Christofides在2010年的作品〈Along the G-Line〉。

〈兩個福爾摩沙〉- 王煜松 ×〈Along the G-Line〉- Marianna Christofides 作品
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