EACA – 2019年度藝術家



Artmia Foundation is thrilled to announce that the eight EACA 2019 artists were selected by designated selection committee members: Daehyung LEE, Art Director of Hyundai Motor Company, Seoul, Carol Yinghua LU, Director of Inside-out ArtMuseum, Beijing and Philip TINARI, CEO and Director of UCCA, Beijing. 

Twenty finalists attended the final round of the EACA 2019 which took place at DragonBay Villa – the foundation’s headquarter on 6th and 7th March 2019. After twofull days of passionate and enthusiastic presentations, and rigorous discussions and evaluation, the selection committee members of the EACA 2019 selected Masaya CHIBA, CHOI Sujin, HU Wei, Jihyun JUNG,InbaiKIM, KWON Yongju, MA Haijiao, and SUN Peimao .

Being selected as one of the EACA 2019 artists, each of them will be granted USD10,000 and invited to the EACA Artist-in-residence program. Their artworks will also be included in the EACA 2019 Exhibition, which will be curated by one ofthe selection committee members in this autumn.



藝美基金會作為藝術公益人士創立的北京市非贏利機構,一直關注東亞地區文化藝術。曾為包含中國 、 日本、韓國藝術家在內的全球範圍藝術家舉辦過眾多展覽,通過多樣化的文化活動讓人們了解東亞藝術及世界藝術。也曾攜同基金會的友人遊走各地,感受東亞地區深厚的歷史文化關聯性,解讀東方哲學、藝術、文化傳統。作為藝術項目獨家合作夥伴,連續十一年參與博鰲論壇。



In 2017, Artmia Foundation initiated the support program for artists from the EastA sia region: EACA (East Asian Contemporary Art). 

As a Beijing based, non-commercial institution founded by Korean philanthropist, the foundation has always been concerned with the East Asian cultural sphere. The foundation has held numerous exhibitions of Chinese, Japanese and Korean artists, and endeavoured to let people know the artists through diverse, supportive activities. We also travelled to various cities in East Asia together with friends of the foundation and appreciated historical affinity ofthe region. East Asia has divided into a few countries now, but we recognised that the individuals and societies of the region share various commonalities such as philosophy, religion, and language as ever. EACA is a core program ofthe foundation as well as a comprehensive outgrowth based on such past experiences. 

Based on Yi Jing [藝境], the ideological basis of the foundation, EACA seeks to support the art of our time and our space. Artists who have an insight into ‘now’ and ‘here’ along with creativity and talent have been selected by the rigorous appraisal of selection committee members every year. Also, the artists were provided unique opportunities to become participants of exhibitions and artist-in-residence program that the foundation organised. By continuing the EACA support program, the foundation hopes to disclose a new stage of East Asian contemporary art.

We believe that the exploration of East Asian contemporary art can be one of the critical perceptive horizons to understand ourselves in this convoluted era. Ultimately, we wish all of us to appreciate art in life and life in art and to enjoy the beauty of life through art.