YIRI ARTS 伊日藝術計劃

Daniel Sueiras Fanjul 丹尼爾.蘇維勒斯.范弗

I have always felt amazed by the natural media, especially animals. Nature is the biggest source of amusement and inspiration we´ve got. Actually nature is all we have got for we are nature indeed and therefore everything we do.

I do believe we humans learned too late that we too were animals, but what is worse it that we have forgotten too soon. I think our species live somehow alienated from the natural world and think of ourselves apart from the rest of animals. That is one of the reasons why I do represent animals in the way we would represent some of the most distinguished characters of our species through history.

All series I have worked on since I first started as a visual artist deal with the same recurrent matters: a sort of existentialism which wonders about the place of mankind in nature and about the true nature of man, always confronting its rationalism with its basic instincts; in words of philosopher Plato: man is a carriage driven by two horses heading in different directions.

I always try to represent things in a way we can perceive mankind with such a perspective we look at ourselves different of how we are used to.

I do not like to be in a comfort zone while working because I believe the true nature of art is to find new ways of representation and creation. The Selection Natural series I present at this exhibit is the longest I have worked on, I started it on year 2008 and the reason I keep on working on it is because I always find new ways of representing ideas suitable for this series. But I have already started a new series of works under the name of África, which means a big change in the way I´ve been working in the last years. To feel that I am constantly changing and open to new ideas is to me the real and most important reason why I work on art, also what makes it different from so many other jobs.


丹尼爾是希望自己的作品是有社會意義的。自從當畫家開始後,所有的系列都和存在主義有關,思考人類在自然界的定位,以及人類真正的本質 – 本能與理性的衝突。就柏拉圖所說「人類是同時被兩匹互相拉扯的馬拉著的馬車」,我也總是試著讓觀看者從不習慣的角度去觀看自己。


Will Wilson´s studio lessons, Baltimore USA
2000 Spain University of Fine Arts Santa Isabel de Hungria, Seville, Spain Mastered on sculpture
1995 II International Painting Course directed by Antonio López García, Jerez de la Frontera
2009 FUND Concession FRONTERASUR 2009 Diputación de Cádiz, Spain
2009 1st Adquisition Prize Certamen Confederación de Empresarios de Cádiz, Cádiz, Spain
2008 1st Adquisition Prize Ciudad de la Letras de Tomelloso, Tomelloso, Spain
2006 1st Adquisition Prize Painting Modality Alcalde Zoilo, Rota, Spain
2006 FINALIST Sculture Modality, Alcalde Zoilo, Rota, Spain
2001 1st PRIZE at 1st BIENNIAL of Contemporary Figurative Painting, CLAVE Gallery, Murcia, Spain
Solo Exhibition
2016 Natural Selection, YIRI ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016 DANIEL SUEIRAS Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2014 NATURAL SELECTION Gallery Juliane Hundertmark, Berlin
2012 DANIEL SUEIRAS Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid
2010 SELECCIÓN NATURAL Moret Art Gallery, A Coruña, Spain
2010 SELECCIÓN NATURAL CAI Exhibition Space. El Puerto de Santa María, Spain
2007 SELECCIÓN NATURAL Gades Gallery, Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain
2002 DANIEL SUEIRAS GOMEZ GALLERY, itinerancy exhibit, Baltimore, MD, USA
2002 DANIEL SUEIRAS SPANISH EMBASSY, itinerancy exhibit, Washington D.C., USA
2002 DANIEL SUEIRAS GLENELG COUNTRY exhibit space, itinerancy exhibit, MARYLAND, USA
2002 DANIEL SUEIRAS PAINTING-SCULPTURES 1998 -2001 Clave Gallery, Murcia, Spain
Group Exhibition
2016 Zoologist 3.0, YIRI ARTS, Taichung, Taiwan
2014 ANIMALS Colective, Gallery juliane hundertmark, Berlin
2013 ÁFRICA MoretArt Gallery, A Coruña, Spain
2013 CÁDIZ DIPUTACIÓN ART COLLECTION, itinerancy exhibición Cadiz Province, Spain
2012 WEARTCADIZ Puerta Tierra Museum, Cádiz, Spain
2011 ESPACIO ATLÁNTICO Moret Art Gallery, Vigo, Spain
2011 WEARTCADIZ Taidemuseo.Contemporary Art Museum Riihimäki. Finland
2010 ESPACIO ATLÁNTICO Moret Art Gallery, Vigo, Spain
2010 FORO SUR Marita Segovia Gallery, Cáceres, Spain
2009 ALMONEDA Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid
2008 DANIEL SUEIRAS Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid
2007 VICEVERSA Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland
2007 VICEVERSA Santa Catalina Castle, Cádiz, Spain
2005 INMERSIONES Rivadavia Space, Cádiz Diputation, Cádiz, Spain
2005 INMERSIONES Art Centre Alfonso X el Sabio, Puerto de Santa María, Spain
2005 DEARTE Gema Lazcano Gallery, Congress Palace, Madrid
2003 DEARTE Gema Lazcano Gallery, Madrid
2003 PEQUEÑO FORMATO Gema Lazcano Gallery, Madrid
2002 100 X 100 Almirante Gallery, Madrid
2002 ONLY DRAWINGS Gema Lazcano Gallery, Madrid
2002 CONTEMPORARY DRAWINS Galería Clave, Murcia, Spain