Chen Li-Ying 陳立穎

When all that is left of ancient cultures is indecipherable language, legends become eternal poetry.

Artist Chen Li-ying reflects upon his artistic journey, utilizing Western artistic concepts of light and perspective in composition of Chinese landscape paintings, using acrylic paints and canvas rather than ink and brush. The fog and steep rocks prominent in classical Chinese style are transformed into angular, mechanically beautiful robotic transformers. With his brush, the artist has constructed a Tower of Babel from memory, completing the universal karmic cycle, like a gorgeous prophecy.

Our understanding of the universe determines how the world works. All religions and myths have their own unique regional flair, though despite generally sharing a common maternal lineage, there are many similar yet disparate interpretations. Chen is like a translator of prophecies, reinterpreting Chinese myths in a manner similar to translating serial novels into Western pulp fiction, or rewriting Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” into the Chinese “Butterfly Lovers.” Layers upon layers of transformation and deconstruction are filled with dialectical reflection, creating an all-new visual semantic study.




2014 Studying in Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
2014 B.F.A., Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
1990 Born in Yunlin County, Taiwan
Solo Exhibition
2019 Tea House, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Glitch, YIRI ARTS, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 The Model of the Universe, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
Group Exhibition
2016 HOPE- Charity Exhibition, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Wier Fire, Inart Space, Tainan, Taiwan
2015 Park Information, YIRI ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2014 就讀國立台南藝術大學造型藝術研究所
2014 國立臺北藝術大學美術學院美術學系畢業
1990 出生於臺灣雲林
Solo Exhibition
2019 Tea House,伊日藝術,臺北,臺灣
2016 Glitch,伊日藝術,臺中,臺灣
2013 宇宙曼陀羅—陳立穎創作個展,伊日藝術,臺北,臺灣
Group Exhibition
2016 HOPE-0206藝術攜手義賣展,伊日藝術,臺北,臺灣
2015 電線走火, 加力畫廊,台南,臺灣
2015 遊園須知,伊日藝術,高雄,臺灣