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First Foundation — Doomsday Prophecy


Art is not only a testimony of history, but also a channel for past, present and future to contact one another. If the existence of art is like a virus in a vaccine attacking and generating antigens, perhaps human society has a chance to gain this and be able to resist the inevitability of future extinction.

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2021臺北藝術博覽會,伊日藝術計劃引用了以撒·艾西莫夫(Isaac Asimov)科幻著作《基地》。艾西莫夫在小說中預見了人類悲慘的未來,在銀河邊緣建立基地編寫歷史文明的百科全書,目地是希望透過知識的保存來縮短世界崩壞後的黑暗時代。當今疫情下的人類直面了各種掙扎,地球也同時面臨艱難,然而藝術的種子又該何以處理?同時,如果黑暗必將來臨,我們該為此準備到什麼程度?又該多做些什麼?


Our planet has experienced countless events of destruction and rebirth in the span of 4.6 billion years. If the demise of mankind has a certain inevitability and cycle, and art has often become a victim of historical crises, does art have the guarantee of a gene pool? In the movie Children of Men, the exile of artworks is probably our likely future.

At the beginning of human civilization, art was often used as a source of prophecy or knowledge. This tradition is also obvious in present-day contemporary art. If “prophecy” often appears in the form of art, we assume that people projected their modern-day anxieties into its creation, achieving the imaginary in real life, and, thus, creating what is seen as a prediction of the future. Art serves to convey the possibility of the future through different artistic languages, to vaccinate mankind before the advent of the end times. After the destruction, it provided a fragmented jigsaw for later generations to return to the crest of civilization.

Foundation’ borrows its title from the American writer Isaac Asimov’s book series. In the novel, Asimov foresaw the tragic future of mankind, which sets up the Foundation whose stated goal is to compile a text, called the Encyclopaedia, containing the sum total of all knowledge of the Galactic Empire. In preserving their society’s knowledge, they hope to avert a dark age lasting tens of thousands of years following the Empire’s collapse. Human beings under the current epidemic are also facing struggles, but how should the seeds of art be dealt with? At the same time, if darkness is bound to come, how prepared are we? What should we do more?

For the 2021 edition of Art Taipei, we have divided the exhibition into three areas for discussion, aim to examine three different topics, and shall present each topic individually in three different spaces, in which art as the “Foundation” of the dialogue will stand. We attempt to imagine the existence and possibility of art in the Foundation when the end is coming.

First Foundation — Doomsday Prophecy

Participating Artists
陳松志 Chen Sung-Chih
陳雲 Chen Yun
邱承宏 Chiu Chen-Hung
邱懷萱 Chiu Huai-Hsuan
平子雄一 Hirako Yuichi
江孟禧 Jiang Meng-Si
金城敏樹 KINJO
賴威宇 Lai Wei-Yu
蘿拉・琳伯格 Laura Limbourg
林宜姵 Lin Yi-Pei
王鴻川 Ong Hong-Chuan
時永駿 Shih Yung-Chun
丹尼爾.蘇維勒斯 Daniel Sueiras Fanjul
威古納.瓦拉薩拉 Made Wiguna Valasara
王煜松 Wang Yu-Song
吳敏興 Wu Ming-Hsing

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Venue | 台北世界貿易中心展覽一館
Exhibition Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center