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In Search of Inexistent Time / Made in Taiwan – Wu Chia-Yun @ Art Taipei 2017

YIRI ARTS @ ART TAIPEI 2017 貴賓預展|2017.10.19 公眾展期|2017.10.20– 2017.10.23 展覽地點|台北世界貿易中心展覽大樓一館


MIT新人特區|伊日藝術@吳家昀 Chia-Yun WU
貴賓預展|10/19 (四) 15:00-21:00、10/20 (五) 11:00-14:00
10/20 (五) 14:00-19:00
10/21-22 (六-日) 11:00-19:00
10/23 (一) 11:00-18:00
展位 Booth|M05


In Search of Inexistent Time navigates the relationships between imagery, time and philosophical thought. The human mind often stores memories and phantasies together, floating in an imaginary sea mapped by the coordinates of time, the linear accumulation of which gradually erodes memories into impressions. When our imaginations interfere with these impressions – already adrift as they are in the penumbra between memory and phantasy – they can become dreamlike, open-ended scenarios that we play-out within ourselves. However, if we dip into our imaginations and process pictures from the future as we might process memories, we risk anchoring those images, hitherto inhabiting a space and time as yet unknown, into land-locked, “established fact”.

The installation is comprised of images and found objects, and draws its inspiration from the artist’s doubts and questions about her memories whilst studying 10,000 miles away from home; uncertainties rendered more confusing by her imagination of the future. And so she began to gather images and to re-process them and, through this voyage, research her cultural identity and question the very existence of time itself. Cross-examining her uncertainties under headings such as “the shapes of time”, “the space of memory and reality”, and “the journey of the spirit travelling through time and space” regarding the essence of image, she produced three works entitled A Line Tells, Lonely Island and darkness within darkness. This triptych is bound by the presence of the wind. Much like the stream-of-consciousness writing of the early twentieth century, this In Search of Inexistent Time slips between text, emotions, memories, time and space, still elusively and ephemerally leaving the audience free to explore uncharted territory within the work.