Art Fair


MIT新人特區|伊日藝術計劃@陳肇彤 Chen Chao-Tung

Opening Hours

10.18 [Fri] 14:00 -19:00
10.19 [Sat] 11:00-19:00
10.20 [Sun] 11:00-19:00 10.21 [Mon] 11:00-18:00

Booth: L02





The exhibition and production of a sculpture is a process that counterbalances against “power”. Chen Chao-Tung adopted various media to represent the power that is extruded, entangled, visible, or invisible after swelling, and its fluctuation over time. Transformed into stainless steel, this piece of artwork changed from a status that floats and decays over time to a status that is heavy, and eternal. Through the specular reflection of stainless steel, the sculpture can even absorb the whole space around it.

Chen Chao-Tung recent artworks are primarily concerned with time. Such elements as the transition of power, the decay of structure, and the fluctuation of light and shadow have effects on the status of a sculpture in the field. While balloons were squeezed and transformed into stainless steel to stabilize their structure, mirror polished stainless steel spheres contrast eternality and momentariness in the artwork. Framed and lined using metal, stainless steel spheres showed various flowing patterns.