Wang Guan-Jhen

王冠蓁|在滿月的時候牽手跑步|20×20cm|2017|壓克力、畫布 Acrylic on Canvas

王冠蓁 Wang Guan-Jhen


The isolation and loneliness depicted in Wang’s works creates the sensation of floating alone in space, with just the occasional glimmer of warmth in the brush strokes – only to be immediately engulfed by darkness, as superficially indifferent expressions reveal tales of loss and despair. Emotional tension hidden beneath the surface translates into audible sighs that also somehow feel full of tenderness.
Only a thin line divides rationality and passion, and perhaps that is what makes these works so appealing.

2014 就讀於國立台北藝術大學美術系碩士班創作組
Studying in M.F.A. Program, Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 畢業於國立台北藝術大學美術系
B.F.A., Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
1991 出生於臺灣臺中
Born in Taichung, Taiwan

Solo Exhibition
2016 奇葩男子索性在公園吃冰塊,伊日藝術,高雄,臺灣
The freak guy simply eats the ice cube at the park., YIRI ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 在疲憊與等待的時候沒有遮蔽之處,伊日藝術,臺中,臺灣
There’s no Shelter for those Who Are Waiting and Exhausted., YIRI ARTS, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 你看不懂這是一件嚴重的事,北藝大南北畫廊,臺北,臺灣
Nan-Pei Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Group Exhibition
2016 HOPE-0206藝術攜手義賣展,伊日藝術,臺北,臺灣
HOPE- Charity Exhibition, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 《SALE》,迷你趨勢聯展 ,黑白切空間,高雄,台灣
SALE,Minicheese,Blackblank,Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2014 永恆意識,慈善聯展,靜慮畫廊,臺北,臺灣
Eternal Consciousness, Jing Lü Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 新,臺北藝術大學美術創作研究所103級新生展,地下美術館,臺北,臺灣
New, Underground Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 分手吧,臺北藝術大學美術系第29屆畢業展,地下美術館,臺北,臺灣
Let’s Break up, Underground Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 我們為什麼畫,京都造型藝術大學與臺北藝術大學交流展,地下美術館,臺北,臺灣
Why We ‘Draw’, Underground Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 第8屆龍顏藝術創作優選展,地下美術館,臺北,臺灣
The 8th Longyen Art Exhibition, Underground Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 藝術新聲,第6屆九校十系聯展,台中大墩文化中心,臺中,臺灣
Dadun Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 北緯25度13分373秒 東經121度47分1917秒,臺北藝術大學第27屆系展,地下美術館,臺北,臺灣
N25°13 ‘ 373 ” , E121°47 ‘ 1917 “, Underground Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 第六屆炫光計畫,鳳甲美術館,臺北,臺灣
The 6th Glare Project, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 68人,14人聯展,南北畫廊,臺北,臺灣
Nan-Pei Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 我喜歡你,臺北藝術大學美術系第29屆班展,地下美術館,臺北,臺灣
I Like You, Underground Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 e04,臺北藝術大學第26屆系展,地下美術館,臺北,臺灣
e04—The 26th Annual Fine Art Faculty Art Exhibition of TNUA, Underground Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 六人,6人聯展,八又二分之一空間,臺北,臺灣
8½ space, Taipei, Taiwan







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